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Yo wuz good..

I fucks wit it hard stop playin n try 2 go major 4 real...but I wanna make a beat 4 u just 4 old times sake u never been on 1 of my tracks...think about it

nice st8 flames ...id like 2 collab wit u if possible check me out n let me know wut u think

Zelgeon responds:

it would be cool if we do a collab but, trap music is not my kind of genre, i did this cuz a friend challenged me, i thought "trap is really easy to make" so i made this track ;)

Yo my N***a str8 flames bro but long time no hear frm ....fwm we can make some heat

Cajete responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, it's been a while but I have a ton of music I want to post. I will def fuck with you fam. Gotta see how we do it though-- it time consuming working this 9-5 barely have time for anything now days. Hit me up on the messages or add me on facebook. Keep it contact, I'm trying to network

Nice track....really sounds clean and hook helped it n da logic flow wuz nice

Da flute is sick...maybe can collab in the future str8 flames

Nice I like fem bells maybe we can collab in the future

Nice flow like old school em...n dis a nice track 4 da lyrics

Dat melody is slick and I like the pad nice and simple and u didn't try 2 over do the track

Ibinaldo2 responds:

Word, thanks for the support

Lol I like it....real smooth u should check out dis Asian themed track a have curious 2 see wit i think m I have a old one I might submit

New twist I mess wit it....u should a put some vocal samples frm some of da movies in it but flames anyway lol

Just a nigga tryin 2 come up on his music

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